DV Medical Supply operates with an emphasis on aligning with customers as partners and providing them with remarkable customer service and affordable pricing. A family-owned company in business for over three decades, DV Medical Supply serves pharmacies and medical facilities for humans and animals nationwide and offers reliable deliveries to dental centers, emergency hospitals, and veterinary clinics. Customers can choose from among a wide selection of medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical products developed by numerous manufacturers. Pharmaceutical products may also be ordered in an assortment of delivery formats that include capsules, injections, ointments, and tablets. Additionally, customers can receive contract or volume pricing and arrange for the delivery hard-to-find products with the assistance of personal account representatives.

A member of the International Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society, DV Medical Supply seeks to remain up to date with Veterinary medicine and our veterinary customers. As we seek to provide high quality service to all of our customers, we also provide secure means of ordering controlled substances for our veterinary and human customers. DV Medical utilizes the Drug Force Administration’s Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS). Use of CSOS helps the company to ensure secure electronic orders for controlled substances and create records of when the orders are filed. Integrity within our operations while providing excellent customer service is who we are.